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  • The BOSS Boccia Ramp by Gravity sideviewThe BOSS Boccia Ramp by Gravity On Court 3

    The BOSS Boccia Ramp

    5.00 out of 5


    This lightweight, sturdy Boccia ramp is an intuitively designed Therafin Innovation that harnesses the complexity of the Boccia sport into a sleek, well built, and expertly crafted BC3 recreational ramp.


    Included in the package: The BOSS Ramp, 1 Foam Ball Holder, 1 Ramp Extension (24″ Ramp Extension sold separately).

    From $834.00
  • The BOSS 360 Boccia Ramp

    4.75 out of 5

    BOSS 360 Logo Final

    This incredible Boccia ramp has all the things you love about the BOSS with so much more! With the unique base of this ramp, you can now pivot the ramp a full 360 degrees left and right to maneuver the exact angle and positioning that you desire during competition. Along with this ramp comes two amazing extensions: an 18″, and a 24″ extension, all to make your ability to extend your ramp fully customized at any point throughout your match. Also included is the magnetic ball holder kit, making a smooth release of the ball down the ramp easier and more competitive than ever! This is a ramp we’re sure you will have a blast competing on.


    • Included in the package: The BOSS 360 Ramp, Magnetic Ball Holder, 1 18″ Ramp Extension, 1 24″ extension.
    From $1,224.00