Author - Daniel Berk

Gravity Takes Boccia By Storm

The Birth of Gravity A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Gravity ™ was born (read earlier this year, about 6 months ago). Therafin has been building and innovating industry-shattering products for nearly 50 years, so naturally an adaptive sport like Boccia beckoned our skillful craft, and we heeded its mighty call.   Boccia is a sport that requires intense concentration, highly skilled precision– developed from hours of hard work and exhausting practice– and of course, the right Boccia [...]

Boccia Ball Toss

What Is Boccia And How Do I Play

Pictured is a man tossing a red Boccia ball toward the white Jack ball on the Boccia Court. What Is Boccia? Boccia is a court ball disabled sport which has been adapted from the Italian field sport of “Bocce”. Though you may have just been introduced to this sport for the first time, this highly strategic sport has been contested in the Paralympics since 1984, and is currently practiced by over 50 countries. The sport of Boccia is primarily played on [...]

Therafin’s Premium Boccia Ramp

Therafin + Innovation = ? In 2018, Therafin celebrates its fifty-year anniversary, a milestone that is indicative of the countless hours of life and labor that has been poured into a progressive and constantly changing rehabilitation industry. Because of Therafin’s history of highly professional designs and product manufacturing in a niche market, we decided to take our skills into the adaptive sports market to innovate new and improved industry favorites, like Boccia ramps. It was through this fun venture that Therafin Innovation™ [...]