About us

Imagine. Innovate. Inspire.

In 2018, Therafin will be celebrating its fifty-year anniversary, a milestone that is indicative of the countless hours of life and labor that has been poured into a progressive and constantly changing rehabilitation industry. We at Therafin have traditionally identified unique challenges in the rehab manufacturing industry and take pride in our expert ability to design and create any custom medical device in order to support and assist particular obstacles that many of our customers face.

Therafin is a company that has been built and grown with a heart and drive to improve the lifestyle of those who live with cerebral palsy or similar conditions. Using modern technological advances and breakthrough innovation, we have ushered in a new era at Therafin: Therafin Innovations. We are eager and capable of designing and creating everything you need, whether adaptive rehabilitation, or assistive technology—big or small, complex or simple. Contact us now and your idea can become a reality. At Therafin Innovations, your dreams and ideas will come to life. We have experts who will assist you every step of the way, from brainstorming to designing, from creation to distribution.

Along with decades of research and development in this complex and steady field, Therafin has leveraged its industry specific maturity to innovate across various platforms. As an international thought-leader in rehab manufacturing, our goal at Therafin Innovations is to exercise skills across multiple sectors in order to assist our customers to innovate anything that can be imagined.

In Therafin’s goal to “Inspiring Innovation through Imagination”™ we’ve started by developing Gravity, a Boccia brand name that has already birthed the BOSS ramp and is underway in designing more equipment for the Boccia industry right now. Therafin has nearly fifty years of experience innovating designs for international distributors across various markets, and we want to help even more people realize their dreams.

The innovation that you dream is the oxygen that we breathe. Join Therafin as we revolutionize the custom technological and adaptation industry. Don’t be shy. Imagine. Innovate. Inspire.