Why our products are the best

Who doesn’t want a Boccia Ramp? Therafin Innovation™ was born with a hunger to breathe life into creative ideas and turn them into real products and solutions. Your ideas matter to us, and we pride ourselves in our passion to imagine, innovate, invent, and inspire.

Premium Boccia Gear

Our Boccia Ramps are created by highly skilled engineers, with the help of Boccia athletes all over the country.


Our first product line was the Gravity™ Brand. These Boccia products are delicately designed and produced in America with premium parts.

All Abilities

Boccia is a Paralympic sport played all over the world. Our Gravity products are for all Boccia athletes, especially those that require a Boccia ramp.


From Boccia ramps, head pointers, gear, apparel, and more, Gravity™ is revolutionizing the Boccia world to be more accessible and innovative than ever.

The BOSS Boccia Ramp Logo

The BOSS Boccia ramp is the first major development in Therafin Innovation’s Gravity™ line. After hours of research and input from Boccia athletes, we developed several Boccia ramp models. Finally, we produced the BOSS Boccia ramp, a product we know has what athletes need for their Boccia game play.  We created this entry level ramp just for you. This Boccia ramp includes the functionality of Paralympic tier ramps at a fraction of the cost. With the BOSS Boccia ramp, you can finally use the Boccia skills you’ve earned to go compete whenever and wherever you’d like.

The Hammer Boccia Ramp Logo

The Hammer gives athletes the ability to move the ramp without effort. The Boccia ramp automatically locks after adjustment so that there is no movement during the ball roll.  The structure  grips the ground with suction. The athlete controls the ramp entirely. With the Hammer, you can loosen the inner-knob to adjust your aim, precisely angle your ramp, fine-tune the ramp angle, add and remove ramp extensions for increased height, and more. When you play on the Hammer, Boccia will never feel the same again, and you will perform at a level you never thought was possible.

Therafin Innovation's BOSS Boccia Ramp by Gravity
Therafin Innovation's Hammer Boccia Ramp by Gravity